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What We Do.

At Keep Busy Productions we know you’re looking to create high-impact content that clearly communicates with your audience.


To do that you need a production company that delivers your brief and more. There are so many video companies whom all look and sound the same, so you don’t know which to trust making you anxious you’ll choose the wrong content creation partner.

Our focus is on great content, no matter the industry. We make sure that your content stands out from competitors, whilst still representing the uniqueness of your brand. Together, we'll explore what format will give your message the biggest impact, whether that's video, animation, photography or audio. 

We will keep your objectives and bigger picture front of mind, creating content perfectly crafted to leave a lasting impression. And, since audio and visuals often come hand in hand, we’re perfectly placed to support you with all of your content creation needs!

We're a young & creative production company. 



Social Media.



Graphic Design.

We create stunning content with purpose. Whether it’s for digital or print, we take care of the whole process for you. From concept to casting, studio hire or location sourcing all the way through to final delivery. We'll guide you through it and together we'll help make your brand more visible in the social media sea. 

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