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We've worked across industries and platforms to bring high quality and effective content that achieves brand goals. Here are a few case studies of how we could help you with your next project! 

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Short Documentaries...

'Connecting Papa Stour' is short documentary that was produced, directed and edited for the UK Government, One Web, Clarus and Shetland Islands Council for their 'Very Hard to Reach Alpha Trials' initiative. Logistically, it was a great challenge to organise a shoot in one of the UK's most remote locations in just 5 days. End to end the production was two weeks and the outcome was amazing - we're confident we can overcome any obstacles after this one!


Run and Gun Social Content...

Whether its behind the scenes as Capital's Summertime Ball, or working on content support live radio shows - decisive decision making and quick turn arounds on content is no problem. Here is one of the videos from backstage at Capital's Jingle Bell Ball, shot with an FX6 and edited for TikTok release the same night, with the view count hitting up to 4.2 million views. I was proud to develop series that hit chords with the public on issues that are currently being discussed in society - whilst working at Heart FM, I developed a series where celebrities such as Vicky Pattison spoke with No Filter about the trials and tribulations of their lives. 

Screenshot 2023-09-09 at

Creative Direction and Working Closely with Talent...

Recently launching 'Bunch' - a new vegan food brand by Mob Kitchen, has let us flex our creative director muscles. From edit and shoot styles, creating production work flows and commercial strategy - over 9 months, we grew their instagram by 200,000 followers and launched their TikTok to 170,000 in 4 months. With editorial and commercial videos regularly hitting over a million views - the brand is now well known and respected in the vegan food content space. 

Screenshot 2023-09-09 at 13.40.52.png

Adapting to International Audiences...

We often work with international stakeholders to bring them high quality adaptable commercial content for digital and SVOD channels. Low-fi content isn't effective for every brand, especially when creating that first impression oversees. We recently worked with Tastemade, to bring a series of branded content partnership videos for well-established wine brands Kim Crawford and Meiomi. Working across 6 countries, we balanced the needs of all 3 stakeholders to communicated effectively and introduce their newest offerings to the public. 

Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 11.44.58.png

Communication Experts...

We have a long running partnership working with universities to help them communicate new research to various stakeholders. From brand new concepts, to sensitive areas of research - we bring an expertise in communicating effectively to reach goals. Recently we partnered with the University of Bournemouth on their E-Drone project to create a video to help educate workshop participants on the pros and cons of this new area of legislation. 

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